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June 6, 2012
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11. Blindfold

"I'm telling you I'm a pro at it!" the pirate with gout protested.

"That's baloney!" retorted the Pirate who liked Kittens and Sunsets. The other pirates were getting into the argument. Some of them believed that there was no way Gout could do it, no one was that good! Others claimed they had seen him do it.

"Why don't you prove it then?" the Pirate who liked Kittens and Sunsets said.

"Fine!" shouted Gout, "I will!"

"Oh, I'll go fetch the dart board!" the Albino Pirate chimed. The pirates all took their seats in anticipation. The Pirate with Gout left the room while Albino Pirate hung the wooden circle and collected the darts.

When the Pirate with Gout returned, he was holding a red piece of cloth. Balancing himself on one of his crutches, he wrapped the cloth over his eyes and held out his hand. Albino Pirate placed the darts in Gout's hand, and the pirate smirked.

Pulling his arm back, he threw dart and it landed right in the middle circle. Bullseye. The pirates all ooh'd and ahh'd. The Pirate with Gout began throwing the other three darts. When each dart met it's target, the reaction he got was bigger each time. When he made the final bullseye, the pirates were standing up and cheering. Taking off the blindfold, he looked over at the Pirate who liked Kittens and Sunsets. "Told ya I could do it."

"Ahem." The pirates silenced themselves and turned to see a tall pirate dressed in blue standing in the doorway. Their second in command. "Lads, I don't mind if you play darts or make wagers with each other, but please don't take my scarf without asking."

The Pirate with Gout mumbled a 'Sorry' as he handed the cloth back to the Pirate with a Scarf. That was the bad thing about having a nice accessory on a ship. People usually borrowed it, and usually used it for something completely different than what it was supposed to be used for.

'Oh well,' thought the Pirate with a Scarf as he wrapped the red scarf around his neck, 'It could be worse.' At least he had finally gotten Polly to stop chewing on the ends of it.
Kind of a silly oneshot this time. Just something I figured would happen to the Pirate with a Scarf at least once. It is a nice scarf after all, lol.

Part of my 'Short Stories of the Seven Seas' Pirates oneshot collection.
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Polly liked to chew on it?
Lol, maybe. She ate paper so why not, lol. Anyway, thank you for favoriting :)
It was cute.^^
I swear, you write the best stories! This was adorable!
Thank you so much! :D
Awww that's sweet! :D
Thank you! :D :Hug:
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